Materials Science Centre

Materials Science Centre at IIT Kharagpur, the first academic centre of its kind in India, was established in 1971 for teaching and research in various types of materials. The Centre's initial research facilities were funded from a Russian Grant but the faculty built various research facilities mainly from sponsored R & D grants. The Centre has acquired various sophisticated processing, test and analytical equipment through various funding agencies from India and abroad that are required for the basic and applied research on Polymers, Ceramics, Semiconductors and Composites. The Centre has strong industry interaction for research and teaching. The faculty of our Centre act as consultants to many industries and other sectors. Patenting, technology development and transfer to industry are a strong forte of the Centre. The state-of-the-art research program of the Centre is focused on the development of new materials and products, novel processing technologies, polymer blends and alloys, nanomaterials, nanofluids, nanocomposites, smart materials, high performance polymers for membrane based separation and polymer electrolytes, ceramic gas sensors, electrode materials for lithium ion batteries, natural fiber reinforced concretes, multiferroic ceramic and thin films, band gap engineering in semiconducting materials, quantum well, quantum wire, quantum dots, heteroepitaxy and materials for thermoelectrics, photovoltaics and graphene electronics, biomedical application of polymers and ceramics to name a few. A significant number of the Centre's faculty are involved in working with one of the four vertical multi-disciplinary areas created by the Institute. The Centre offers a two-year M. Tech. program and an integrated M. Tech. – Ph. D. program in Materials Science and Engineering covering various aspects of Polymer, Ceramics, Semiconductor and Composites to work on goal oriented research from very fundamental aspects to technology development. There are 25 M. Tech. students on the average per year and there are about 60 research scholars presently working towards their Ph. D. degrees at the Centre.


Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer
Thermal transport measurement facilities
Photoluminescence (PL) measurement unit
Seebeck coefficient
Solar Simulator
Mechanical Testing
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Thermogravimetric Analyzer
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer